Quality Control

Malek Factory ensures the highest quality standards by adopting four methods to monitor and evaluate the production process.


1. Testing of raw materials and storage conditions.

Use the best raw materials required for printing, labeling and packaging.

Choose the best materials required to operate the production process properly.

Storage of raw materials properly to comply with certified standards.


2. Checking the pre-print process requirements.

Using the appropriate design for the specified job.

Ensure the inks and colors meets the customer’s specifications.


3. Control the production process.

Monitor the production process to ensure the Company’s quality control measures are met.


4. Control the packaging process.

Ensure that products are packed and packaged according to the client’s requirements.


Malek Factory has undertaken to incorporate internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 Certification. We have been working to successfully complete the stages of implementation, analysis and evaluation. Today, we are proud to announce that all our efforts have been compensated with the achievement of ISO certification.
With this prestigious certification, our clients can be assured and confident to work with a company providing quality that have been internationally recognized.

This certification represents our commitment to set up strategic alliances with clients and suppliers, always seeking win-win relationships to benefit your clients. It also reinforces our continual improvement process through feedback from our daily operations.

LRQA and UKAS ISO 9001